RE: Status of review for PR-324

Hi again,

I've pushed a series of updates. These contain addressing feedback on touch-action cases as well as some tidying up of the test cases in general.  Note there were several file renames (to ensure consistency) and some whitespace changes (tab/space indent consistency) that might mess with your diffs a bit--sorry. 

We'd appreciate a review so that we can hopefully land the PR to unblock the other testing action items.

There's probably an opportunity to speed up the tests (a few could have explicit done() calls to avoiding waiting for the timer). But I believe that isn't a blocker and we could follow that on as a separate PR if desired.


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Hi All,

We've updated PR-324 to address most of the feedback thus far [1]. Feedback that remains to be addressed AFAICT:

	- Consolidating tests into coarser granularity  (per this thread, Scott will take a look at this)
	-Feedback on recently submitted touch-action cases [2], we'll follow-up with another update to address these points

Thanks for all the great feedback. Let me know if we missed anything.



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