Pointer capture clarification

Just a theoretical question at this stage, to see if I understand this 
right (not got around to making a test for it yet): am I understanding 
correctly that it is possible, with pointer capture, to grab and consume 
any pointers regardless of *where* the pointer got into the active 
buttons state? i.e., it's possible for a script to just check, say, at 
window level when a pointerdown happens (to get the pointerID), and then 
set the pointer to be captured on some element (perhaps even a visually 
hidden one), effectively swallowing any further pointer activity until 
pointerup or pointercancel is fired?

Not saying it's good or bad, but just checking that I got this 
right...i.e. the element that then receives the captured events does not 
have to be the one that was initially "pointerdown-ed" ?

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Received on Monday, 10 March 2014 16:42:44 UTC