Re: Bug 24346 - Clarifications on Pointer Events Types section ?

On 22/02/2014 21:11, Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
>but would definitely welcome the removal
> of the misleading "plus firing of compatibility mouse events" in the table.

Continuing my monologue: unless the "plus firing of compatibility mouse 
events" bit in the table is meant to allude to the fact that some compat 
events can be suppressed here by cancelling the pointerdown event, in 
which case a rewording may be necessary since this is not "default 
action" in my view. So, if that's the case, something more like

"Varies: when the pointer is primary, all default actions of the 
mousedown event. Cancelling this event prevents firing of further 
compatibility mouse events while the pointer is down."

or similar?

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