Draft minutes: 3 June 2014 call

The draft minutes from the June 3 voice conference are available at the 
following and copied below:


WG Members - if you have any comments, corrections, etc., please send 
them to the public-pointer-events mail list before June 10. In the 
absence of any changes, these minutes will be considered approved.

-Thanks, ArtB

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  - DRAFT -

  Pointer Events WG Voice Conference

    03 Jun 2014


See also:IRC log <http://www.w3.org/2014/06/03-pointerevents-irc>


    Art_Barstow, Cathy_Chan, Rick_Byers, Scott_Gonzαlez, Jacob_Rossi,
    Asir_Vedamuthu, Olli_Pettay
    Sangwhan_Moon, Patrick_Lauke


  * Topics <http://www.w3.org/2014/06/03-pointerevents-minutes.html#agenda>
     1. Tweak agenda
     2. Bug 25758: Change PointerEvent width and height to double
     3. Testing
     4. CR implementation status
     5. Plan of Record (PoR) to get Pointer Events to REC
     6. Touch Events CG and use of HG
     7. A Potential F2F Meeting
     8. AoB <http://www.w3.org/2014/06/03-pointerevents-minutes.html#item08>
  * Summary of Action Items


<scribe> ScribeNick: ArtB

<scribe> Scribe: Art

<smaug> and unstable

      Tweak agenda

AB:since I submitted the draft 
a couple of topics appear to be have resolved themselves and thus we can 
drop them.
... any objections to dropping the "high-frequency mouse/touch" topic as 
proposed by Rick?

[ None ]

AB:any objections to dropping Bug 25758 (change width and height to 
double) as proposed by Jacob?

JR:I think we should talk about that bug

... during the AoB section I would like to briefly confirm the group's 
Plan of Record (PoR) aka The End Game. Any objections to that?

[ None ]

AB:during the AoB section, I would like to add a short process-related 
topic on the use of HG by the Touch Events 
objections to adding that?

JR:no, that's ok

… want to add something else about a potential f2f meeting

AB:ok, we'll add that too
... any other change requests?

      Bug 25758: Change PointerEvent width and height to double




RB:I think JR just wanted to see if anyone had any comments

JR:I thought adding tilt would be good but don't think so now

… we could always take that up later if needed

… I am talking to send some pen based companies

RB:you missed one thing on the constructor

<jrossi>*ACTION:*jacob to update pointerInit constructor [recorded 

<trackbot> Created ACTION-107 - Update pointerinit constructor [on Jacob 
Rossi - due 2014-06-10].


AB:First up is PR 
324https://github.com/w3c/web-platform-tests/pull/324/, f.ex. the status 
and merging. I think there is a proposal to merge now and then "pick up 
the pieces". Basically, what is the plan to complete the test suite.
... then how to handle additional PRs; who is going to do what; ...

JR:can we get consensus to merge PR324?

… then we can stage additional tests

… can't really work on other PRs until 324 is merged

… I would prefer to land 324

AV:all of the feedback is now on the PR

… feedback has been addressed

… we have other PRs but they depend on 324 thus it is now critical path 
for other work

… There are some other test cases that require 324 to land

… We can address any issues with 324 as new PRs

AB:anyone object to merging 324 as is?

RB:sounds good to me

<asir> Thank you Rick!

AB:ok, then we have a resolution

*RESOLUTION: group agrees to merge PR324 as is*

AV:please submit other PRs as soon as possible

JR:we have 2 more

AV:I think it's more like 3-4

JR:but they are smaller than 324

… think Scott wants to combine some tests

SG:there are TTWF tests

… need to look for overlaps

… so we don't get dups

… Might want fewer test files

JR:need a queue/list of things we need to test

… think we are mostly done

… only a few more things to test

AV:Scott, what are you going to contribute?

AB:perhaps Scott can reply to the list

<scribe>*ACTION:*Scott send a todo list re testing that needs to be done 

<trackbot> Created ACTION-108 - Send a todo list re testing that needs 
to be done [on Scott Gonzαlez - due 2014-06-10].

SG:yes, that's fine. I need to talk to DaveM.

AB:sounds good

<scribe>*ACTION:*Jacob run the merge for PR324 [recorded 

<trackbot> Created ACTION-109 - Run the merge for pr324 [on Jacob Rossi 
- due 2014-06-10].

AV:the other tests pending are mostly touch-action related


AV:is anyone else planning to submit tests?

AB:not me


RB:no, although I'll review the touch-action tests

… I assume they will cover what we want

AV:we used your prior input Rick when we created the tests


      CR implementation status

AB:can we please do a quick round robin re the status of Chrome, 
Firefox, IE, Opera

RB:we have been reaching out to web sites

… expect touch-action on for chrome 36

JR:I need to do some more reach out

RB:nice to see this cooperation on touch-action

<rbyers> :-)

<rbyers> go ahead without me, be back shortly

OP:some patches are landing

… original plan was Metro but plan now is Android and other platforms

… not sure how many releases before PE is enabled

… we do have most of the code landed

JR:not much new to report; we have some bugs but they are minor

… I don't think we have any bugs that cause interop probs

RB:re touch-action hit testing and matching Blink with IE

… I have gotten some pushback re complexibility

… there is a relevant non-norm note in the spec

… Is anyone else interested in precices hit testing text in the spec?

… The hit test is done on the bound of the element

… If inline and exceeds bounds of its parent

[ JR reads the specific text ]

JR:I think we have some test cases for that

… I don't think this is going to be a big interop issue

RB:perhaps we should change note to MAY?

… elsewhere we say hit testing is out of scope

JR:true; perhaps it isn't needed

… I don't like using 2119 words in Notes

RB:Elliott and Adam convinced me we should change our impl

… we're doing two hit tests now and want to do as few hit tests as possible

JR:are you replicating hit testing off thread?

RB:it's off thread now

… for compat need sites to opt in

… all hit testing is main thread

[ some details of IE and Blink hit testing missing ]

JR:I'm ok with removing that note

AB:I don't have anything to add

OP:I don't recall what Gecko does here

AB:so, create an Action for Jacob to remove the note; anyone that 
objects can do so on the list

<rbyers> Context from blink side 

<rbyers> A couple minor corrections: we currently do touch-action hit 
testing only main thread (and would like to collapse this special 
touch-action hit test into the normal one we're already doing).

<scribe>*ACTION:*jacob remove the hit testing note (bounding box) per 
agreement on 2-June-2014 [recorded 

<trackbot> Created ACTION-110 - Remove the hit testing note (bounding 
box) per agreement on 2-june-2014 [on Jacob Rossi - due 2014-06-10].

<rbyers> we do other hit-testing off-thread, but fall back to main 
thread if we can't be sure

      Plan of Record (PoR) to get Pointer Events to REC

AB:just wanted to reiterate our plan to get Pointer Events spec to 
Recommendation. The basic plan we previously agreed is:
... Complete test suite;
... Do the interop testing; (if necessary, fix bugs and repeat)
... Create Implementation Report (IR)
... After we have 2 more implementations that pass each test, publish a 
Last Call WD with a link to the test suite and IR; include a clear note 
that in the absence of any major issues raised during the 3-week LC 
comment period, since we already have proven interoperability, we intend 
to skip Candidate Recommendation and the next publication will be 
Proposed Recommendation

JR:sounds right to me

AV:yes, sounds right

<smaug> sounds ok

<rbyers> sounds good

<Cathy> sounds good

AV:when is the right time to update references?

AB:which references are you concerned about?

AV:HTML spec is one

… need to update a few

AB:we should update refs right before LC

… I think we're going to be ok

      Touch Events CG and use of HG

AB:I believe everyone in the Touch Events CG should now have write 
access tohttps://dvcs.w3.org/hg/webevents.As such, I will reply 
issue is resolved.
... did anyone else try?

JR:I didn't

RB:MikeSmith gave permissions to everyone in the CG

      A Potential F2F Meeting

JR:Rick and I have been talking about some various problems

… not necessarily touch or pointer events specific

… We are planing to get together

… where we is Blink and IE

… we are meeting for some brain storming on June 23

<smaug> Yes, please ask mbrubeck__ to join the meeting

… expect that any proposals would be brought back to the appropriate group

<rbyers> Brainstorming notes 

RB:this doc includes potential topics

… people should feel free to add topics

… interested in priorities and other items

… Sorry this is last minute

… Some of us are going to be in CA that week so we are going to go to 
Seattle to meet with Jacob and his team

AB:it's good to meet

… have you thought about announcing the meeting

RB:we just agreed to meet yesterday

… we can announce on the lists and ask people to contact us if they want 
to join

AB:please do announce

… Matt might be able to join since he lives in Seattle

JR:we might be able to use this meeting to help us understand what we 
want to do with respect to formal standardization

RB:we have a lot of items for potential work and need to discuss priorities

AB:ok, thanks the headsup

… can I get one of you to agree to send some hightlights and summary to 
the PEWG and TECG lists?

RB:yes, I'll do that

<jrossi> FYI - I've removed the touch-action hit testing 

<scribe>*ACTION:*rick send summary/highlights of Seattle meeting to the 
PEWG and TECG lists [recorded 

<trackbot> Created ACTION-111 - Send summary/highlights of seattle 
meeting to the pewg and tecg lists [on Rick Byers - due 2014-06-10].


AB:no call on June 10
... please continue to address open actions, open bugs, etc.
... anything else?
... meeting adjourned

JR:one bug I fixed 24923 yesterday - please review and submit feedback

    Summary of Action Items

*[NEW]**ACTION:*jacob remove the hit testing note (bounding box) per 
agreement on 2-June-2014 [recorded 
*[NEW]**ACTION:*Jacob run the merge for PR324 [recorded 
*[NEW]**ACTION:*jacob to update pointerInit constructor [recorded 
*[NEW]**ACTION:*rick send summary/highlights of Seattle meeting to the 
PEWG and TECG lists [recorded 

*[DONE]**ACTION:*Scott send a todo list re testing that needs to be 

[End of minutes]

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