Touch-action hit testing

Hi all,

I was actioned to draft a proposed note stating the "details of hit testing is out of scope, and clarify properties UA's must adhere to for hit testing." [1] Here's the draft, feedback welcomed. I've structured this as two different notes, in the same section.

NOTE:   For the purposes of determining the touched element and its touch-action value, "Applies to: block-level elements" means  a user agent only considers the border box of block-level elements in the document when performing the hit test. It is possible that the touched element used in the touch-action processing algorithm is not the same as the target element of the pointerdown event.

NOTE:   Some user agents support touch-actions triggered by interactions of multiple concurrent pointers (e.g. multi-touch). Methods for processing or associating the touch-action values of multiple concurrent pointers is out of scope for this specification.

Let me know if you think this provides sufficient clarity or if you have alternative suggestions.



Received on Friday, 13 December 2013 21:26:40 UTC