"List of Pointer Events" table default actions

On a related topic, I find the "5.2.1 List of Pointer Events" table

and in particular the Default Action column slightly confusing. As 
established in the "Compatibility Mapping" section, pointer and mouse 
events are fired in an interleaved way (for primary pointer, unless 
cancelled for some). For this reason, the

"plus dispatch of compatibility mouse events" which only appears in the 
default actions for pointerdown seems confusing.

Now, this could be in part due to language - in UK, "dispatch" is 
generally used to mean "sending", while I know that in US it's more 
commonly used for its other meaning of "prevent/kill/stop" (I seem to 
remember Rick using it in that way in a few early exchanges we had).

However, speaking with Jacob Rossi, it seems that it WAS actually meant 
to mean "send"... in which case I'm still confused why it would only be 
the default action for pointerdown, if in fact all other pointer events 
also fire their compatibility mouse events right away (again, if primary 
and not cancelled).

Some clarification here would be welcome (or at least remove the "plus 
dispatch..." part entirely?

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