Queries on pointer events with respect to multi-pointer(touch) events


I have few questions in pointer events with respect to multi-touch scenario.

I am not sure if these are already discussed or valid questions at all in
the current context, so please excuse me if being so.

In case of multi-touch, would there exist any relation between the primary
and non-primary pointer events.
e.g. While building multi-touch gesture WebApp, it would be really great to
have the associated pointer events sent to the
callback as an array of pointer events. Is it how the specification defines

With multi-point touch, assume we started with the index finger as first
point of contact while rest of the fingers
being pointed subsequently. What would happen in the below mentioned
sequence of events:
        a. All non-primary pointers are in pointerdown state
        b. The primary pointer is taken away thereby in pointerup state
        c. All non-primary pointer are in pointermove state
        A. Would there be any fallback primary pointer once the primary is
taken away?
        B. If there is no such fallback mechanism, would these non-primary
pointer events be ignored?

Thank you for taking a look.


Received on Friday, 11 October 2013 13:11:35 UTC