Re: Tweak wording in introduction?

On 2/14/13 8:31 PM, "Jacob Rossi" <> wrote:

>>>>So authors can easily code to Pointer Events and their content just
>>>>works no matter what input hardware is being used.
>>The specification's scope seems to be focused on touch, pen, and mouse
>>input. Is it really necessary to lay claim to all input hardware?
>Touch, pen, and mouse are the examples given. But it is certainly a goal
>to have compatibility/extensibility for other devices.

The PointerEvent interface provides explicit support for touch, pen
devices, and it inherits support for mouse input.  I agree that all
sources of "pointer" input are likely to have some attributes in common
with PointerEvent and one can always compatibly add more by extending the
interface further. You could similarly justify the same claim about
MouseEvent and in fact that's the role the existing mouse input system has
played in this spec. In my opinion, suggesting that a new API will be
compatible with or extensible to all pointer input hardware from now
forward, overstates what's practically possible or even useful.

- Hans

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