Re: Tweak wording in introduction?

On 2/14/13 10:59 AM, "Rick Byers" <> wrote:

>I just re-read the introduction (it's been awhile) and realized it
>deviates a little from how we've talked about PE in the group.  In
>>This model makes it easy to write sites and applications that work well
>>no matter what hardware the user has.
>>So authors can easily code to Pointer Events and their content just
>>works no matter what input hardware is being used.

The specification's scope seems to be focused on touch, pen, and mouse
input. Is it really necessary to lay claim to all input hardware?

>I'm concerned that these may help perpetuate the misconception that if
>you design for pointers, you don't need to think explicitly about how
>to design your UI for different input types.  There are still lots of
>challenges to designing a UI that works well with both touch and
>mouse, for example, appropriate target size, gesture support (you'd
>never 'swipe' with the mouse), etc.  I propose we change "easy" to
>"easier", and replace the second sentence with something like:
>>So authors can easily code to Pointer Events to share logic between
>>different input types where it makes sense, and customize for a
>>particular type of input only where necessary to get the best experience.

I agree.

If a single non-trivial application supports touch/pen/mouse input well,
it's likely to recognize different gestures and support different
interactions, depending on the input device. Are there some examples that
show how this would be done with Pointer Events? I'm wondering how much
shared code could actually be factored out of such an application.

- Hans

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