Re: Some comments about Pointer Events

For the sake of completion, I checked the Samsung SPen API and they use a 
model similar to what I propose:

    public final float  getPressure (int pointerIndex):
        Returns the current pressure of this event for the given pointer 
index. The pressure generally ranges from 0 (no pressure at all) to 1 
(normal pressure), however values higher than 1 may be generated depending 
on the calibration of the input device.

What's is interesting is the API author expect most input methods to "clamp" 
the pressure range around the normal value (so that the maximal value 
supported by a pen is often 1). At the end, this is not completely different 
to what the spec says, except that the value 1 should be returned for 
pointers where no pressure data is available (mouse...)


Received on Thursday, 15 November 2012 10:32:11 UTC