Some comments about Pointer Events

Hi everbody,
Glad to see a WG was formed around Pointer Events. I'm sending this mail to repost in this WG the few things I nailed down when I read the spec for the first time, as I believe they've not been addressed at this time (admitedly, a blog post comment feed is not the best way to comment on a spec):

May height be negative if I interact from the back side of the device (some MSFT hardware prototype featured this)? Or, if the height is supposed to be positive, shouldn't there be a property somewhere to specify from which side of the screen the interaction occurs?

The [0...1] range is quite difficult to use, I think. How do we know what are the usual values for the current device? What if I want to draw a line based on the pressure? 0 for mouse is strange, especially if I have no way of knowing if the device support pressure or not. 
I would prefer a model where 1 means "standard pressure", where 0 means "no pressure" and where 0.5 means "half the usual pressure". The main argument in favor of a "1=normal" scale is that if I have two similar stylus (one able to handle from 0 to 1 kgf and one able to handle from 0 to 3 kgf), I don't want the user to press 3 times more on the second one to achieve the same result (I just want him to be able to press 3 times harder at max and get a line which is 3 times as big, at max).

I hope you'll find this useful,

Received on Tuesday, 13 November 2012 08:59:26 UTC