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Ø  Although that won't help with the XML serialisations. For that we'd need
an xsd. Any offers? Ahem - Stuart?

Yes, I could look at creating an XSD for the XML serialization. (Although to capture some rules you’d actually need one of the non-W3C schema languages – such as Schematron. So, maybe a combination?)

And we had created a JSON schema for the original JSON encoding. Not sure what we should do, if anything, for the new JSON-LD thing?



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The Web Platform Test infrastructure is just a fancy name for a GitHub
repo full of various files (markup and scripts) against which you can
test clients, notably browsers [1]. The annotation tests, originally
located in their own GH repo are now duplicated across into the central
one [2]. We can, and probably should, copy our examples there too, but
that's once they're all stable and essentially finished. For now we
should work in our own repo (and I'm not sure whether GH supports
conneg, which we really should use. If it doesn't, then the tests may
need to be hosted at

I've also been thinking more about the SHACL issue. If we don't provide
those, then how will someone test whether their ODRL is valid?

An example of a vocab that has cardinality constraints is the RDF Data
Cube. For that, the editor created a validator and made it available
online [3] (although that link is currently broken - I've reported it).
Others have since created validators. i.e. people have written software.

We can shortcut that development effort by providing the SHACL files and
pointing people to the SHACL playground.

Although that won't help with the XML serialisations. For that we'd need
an xsd. Any offers? Ahem - Stuart?



On 10/05/2017 03:19, Renato Iannella wrote:
>> On 9 May 2017, at 17:55, Phil Archer <<>> wrote:
>> This raises a question: should we include SHACL files for each of the examples?
>> Against:
> +1 for all the Against points.
> The W3C Annotation WG tests:<> <<>>
> uses something called "W3C's Web Platform Tests infrastructure”
> What is that? and can we use it?
> R


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