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Re: POE use cases - deadline

From: Renato Iannella <renato.iannella@monegraph.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 03:43:33 +1000
Cc: public-poe-comments@w3.org, "riccardo.albertoni@ge.imati.cnr.it" <riccardo.albertoni@ge.imati.cnr.it>
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To: Antoine Isaac <aisaac@few.vu.nl>

> On 21 Sep 2016, at 01:13, Antoine Isaac <aisaac@few.vu.nl> wrote:
>  Is there a deadline for the POE use cases?

We have not yet set a close-date - so use cases are still being sought.

> I had quickly written two on the ODRL wiki
> https://www.w3.org/community/odrl/wiki/W3C_Data_on_the_Web_Best_Practices_-_Data_Quality_Policy
> https://www.w3.org/community/odrl/wiki/Europeana/DPLA_In_Copyright_-_Educational_Use_Only

Thanks for these. I will copy them across to the POE WG Wiki.

2 questions:

- For the "Data Quality Policy”, there is no Action defined for the Duty (which should be sparqlEndpointUptime?).

- For the "Educational Use Only” UC, is the main requirement that ODRL define the “education” purpose URI?
(There has been some talk about that in the WG)

> If just the DQV one. It would be strange if POE was not counting a W3C doc that's already using ODRL.

My apologies, we were not aware of this - and we are very excited to see it !
I will add it to our F2F Agenda this week so that our WGs can collaborate more closely on this.

Renato Iannella, Monegraph
Co-Chair, W3C Permissions & Obligations Expression (POE) Working Group
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