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== 1.4 Terminology ==
I've some remarks regarding the definitions given in Section [1.4 Terminology](http://w3c.github.io/poe/model/#terminology):

> Policy: A set of Rules defining what is allowed, disallowed or obligatory over an Asset.

That's afaik only partially true, as duties do not operate on the same level as permissions/prohibitions and as such do not define _"what is obligatory over an Asset"_, but define obligations for performing their respective permission(s) they are attached to.

> Rule: **A set of Actions** defining the precise Permissions, Prohibitions and obligations over an Asset.

A rule is _"a set of actions"_? How can _"a set of actions"_ define _"the precise Permissions, Prohibitions and obligations over an Asset"_? Isn't Rule an abstract concept anyway? 
Why lowercase _"obligations"_ ?

> Permission/Prohibition/Duty: **A set of Actions** that are ...

as mentioned above

> Duty: A set of Actions that are obliged **to be performed for Permissions.**

What permissions? all? 
Why? What does _"performed for Permissions"_ mean/imply (in general and for respective permissions)?

> Asset: **The subject of a Policy** that Rules are applied to.

So there's only 1 asset / policy?

> Constraint: The limits and restrictions to Actions in Rules.

What's the difference between limits and restrictions? 


See https://github.com/w3c/poe/issues/119

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