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== On prohibitions living alone ==
I understand a prohibition living alone may bring no new information 
whatsoever. But I would argue the following:

- **How to mark "All rights reserved" in a digital catalog?** (let's 
say of e-books). You can imagine a catalog, many of whose entries are 
waiving some rights with ODRL expressions. Great.
What shall we do with those entries (e-books) which have waived no 
right at all? Well, no permission at all. But it is a bit weird and 
makes more difficult the processing.
Facing a similar problem with language resources, we had to define a 
new license for that. Look at this:

(If you click, by default you will get a redirect to Wikipedia's page.
 But it has content negotiation, if you demand RDF you will get the 
following odrl policy):

:allrightsreserved  a     odrl:Policy ;
        rdfs:comment      "This license does not disclose any of the 
IPR and database rights.."@en ;
        rdfs:label        "All rights reserved"@en ;
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_rights_reserved> ;
        dct:publisher     "None" ;
        odrl:prohibition  [ odrl:action  ldr:IPRRight , 
ldr:DatabaseRight ] .

- It is still useful as a reminder, even if redundant. In the first 
page of books I usually read "All rights reserved. You cannot fotocopy
 this book". Well, of course not. Still, it is nice to see it again.

See https://github.com/w3c/poe/issues/97

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