[poe] new commits pushed by vroddon

The following commits were just pushed by vroddon to 

* The following properties have been renamed:
permission --> hasPermission
prohibition --> hasProhibition
action --> hasAction
constraint --> hasConstraint
duty --> hasDuty
operator --> hasOperator
leftOperand --> hasLeftOperand
rightOperand --> hasRightOperand

Together with their reference in the collection of constraint 
references and in one additional skos:note.

Also, the rightOperandReference property has been removed, as in the 
range of rightOperand we already find:
        rdfs:range [
                a owl:Class ;
                owl:unionOf ( :RightOperandReference xsd:any ) ;
        ] ;
As this change has some uncertainty, I have left it commented for the 
  by Víctor Rodríguez Doncel

Received on Friday, 20 January 2017 22:00:07 UTC