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Re: [poe] Improve Constraint definitions

From: Michael Steidl via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2017 18:16:55 +0000
To: public-poe-archives@w3.org
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Just pushed the updated ODRL22.ttl.

And that are my replies to @riannella 's posting of today - all not 
mentioned items were done as suggested.

- re 7: sticked to "Action Datetime or Period" this Left Operands 
covers both: datetime for executing the action and a period in which 
the action can be executed. This needs an "or".
- re 10: File Format After not added - yet. File  Format is defined as
 "The file format of the Asset **while** the Action is exercised." 
Let's assume the contract says TIFF files may be translated into JPEG 
files: a File Format constaint is used with TIFF and a File Format 
After constraint is used with JPEG. This makes sense, doesn't it?
- re 11: the same as in 10, I think for the translation of text even 
more essential, therefore added.
- re 15: the rightOperand of Geospatial Area (spatial) is an array of 
geospatial coordinates setting the frame of an area - and this area 
does not need to have a name. The rightOperand of a Named Geospatial 
Area does not provide any geospatial coordinate and works only with 
named areas, like countries, states, cities. Somewhere else the 
boarders of this entity are defined by coordinates, but this is not 
really relevant for a policy using this constraint. One may want to 
claim "this Action can only be taken in Brisbaine, Australia". 
- re 16: a Virtual Domain is definitely something different from what 
is defined for this Left Operand. I'm aware that "Virtual IT 
Communication Location" is not a smart term but a replacement must 
reflect the definition
- re 17: The leftOpResource1..9 had the intention to supplement a Left
 Operand with a resource identifiers by this property. E.g. a Count 
constraint could limit the use to 10 times of use. But how to measure 
the times of use? As Ben outlined Thomson Reuters could have a 
useage-counter for assets accessed e.g. via API and a URL for this 
useage-counter sets the value of the left operand which must not 
exceed the value of the right operand. Unfortunately this was only 
mentioned, I didn't hear any wider support of this approach outlined 
in https://www.w3.org/2016/poe/wiki/Constraints - or is not objecting 

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