Re: [poe] Support JSON-LD


I think this has been said before, but to just to clarify and support 
the opinion.
The JSON representation should be the JSON-LD simply with the @context
We define and provide the @context which will give us a representation
 in JSON that we agree on.

If people define their own JSON representation that is their choice, 
but with the semantics removed and a different representation then its
 basically not interoperable.
They could provide something like an R2RML mapping back to JSON-LD or 
RDF from their JSON format, but basically thats not really relevant to

I suspect there is concern that a JSON-LD object with the @context 
removed is problematic? 
If so lets break down what exactly the perceived issues are.


> On 14 Dec 2016, at 14:15, stuartmyles <> 
> Yes - I admit, I raised the question of auto-generating XML from the
> Ontology, to illustrate why I think auto-generating the JSON from 
> Ontology is also not a good idea.
> I don't seriously think that we should auto-generate either XML or 
> both cases, the auto-generating the schema will result in ugly 
> Fine for people who never plan to work with the formats directly 
> those who only like the RDF data model but are indifferent to how it
> expressed). But for people who only care about their preferred 
format (XML
> or JSON) then they are going to be put off by the details of the
> auto-generated encoding. And, worst case, create their own. This, 
> example, is what happened with the PRISM Rights Expression Language:
> liked the ODRL data model, but decided to create their own XML 
> because they don't like some of the details of the ODRL 2.1 
encoding. See,
> for example,
> As Renato says, there are already implementations of ODRL in both 
XML and
> JSON. Now, we can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. 
And, I'm
> not under the illusion that what we will end up with is exactly the 
> thing as ODRL 2.1. But I think this group should decide on purpose 
> they want to specify the XML and JSON encodings of the ODRL (POE) 
> model. Or whether we are content for others to take the data model 
and make
> up their own encodings, which is what I predict will happen, if POE 
> specify a JSON encoding.
> Regards,
> Stuart
> On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 8:56 AM, Ivan Herman 
> wrote:
> >
> > > On 13 Dec 2016, at 14:03, Renato Iannella 
> > wrote:
> > >
> > > We still have XML implementations. When we asked the community 
> > October, both Associated Press and Reuters News said they will use
 the XML
> > encoding.
> > >
> >
> > O.k. (But that is another discussion then; it should certainly not
> > RDF/XML.)
> >
> >
> >
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