Re: [poe] Add Constraint to Party and Asset

> From the implementors survey, it seems no-one has used these Scope 
classes, so there should be minimal impact.

Which (imo) is primarily due to ODRL's definition/interpretation of 
scopes rather than limited interest/missing use cases for them.

To start things of, I would begin with removing the collection aspect 
of "scopes". E.g., I think it would be way more useful to be able to 
write something like this:

  a odrl:Agreement ;
  odrl:permission [
    a odrl:Permission ;
    odrl:action odrl:display ;
<> ;
    odrl:assigner <> ;
    odrl:assignee ex:football_network 
  ] .

   a odrl:Group ;
   odrl:member (ex:Alice ex:Bob) .

<> a odrl:Individual.
ex:Alice a odrl:Individual.
ex:Bob a odrl:Individual.


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Received on Friday, 9 December 2016 06:29:30 UTC