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== revising vocabulary definitions  ==
The majority of the definitions provided in the current ED of the 
vocabulary are either inconsistent, unclear or both.

For example: 

| Definition | Comment |
| ------------ | ------------- | 
| <blockquote> 4.1.1 Policy </br>Definition: An entity to capture the 
statements of the policy</blockquote>| statements == rules? | 
| <blockquote> 4.1.3 Profile</br> Definition: The identifier of an 
ODRL Profile that this Policy conforms to. </blockquote>|<ul><li>which
 policy?</li><li>why is Profile prepended with _ODRL_ but Policy 
isn't?</li><li>**p**olicy (4.1.1) vs. **P**olicy (4.1.3)</li></ul> |
| <blockquote> 4.4.1 Conflict Preference </br> Definition: Is used to 
resolve conflicts arising from the merging of policies, specifically 
when there are conflicting Actions in the Permissions and 
Prohibitions</blockquote>|<ul><li>who has a preference for conflicts 
at all?</li><li>it doesn't resolve any conflicts at all, but defines 
the conflict resolution strategy to be used</li><li>>1 conflicting 
actions in permissions?</li></ul> |
| <blockquote> Comment: Instances of ConflictTerm describe policies 
for resolving conflicts.</blockquote>| policies as in ODRL policies? 
-> semantics? | 
| <blockquote> Instances: invalid, perm, prohibit</blockquote>| 
prohibit is missing | 


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