FYI: Social Web Frameworks: contribution to SWXG

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social web is for sure one of the fields where policy languages will play an 
increasing role. 



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> Subject: Social Web Frameworks: contribution to SWXG
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> Hello,
> Last fall I collaborated with Renato Ianello, director of the SPIN Project 
and NICTA (, on a document which we are now 
providing to the SWXG members and the larger community.
> Our goal with this contribution is to assist in the development of a 
framework which embodies Social Web concepts, offers a first draft towards 
consistent terminology and does not (at this point) get down into the specific 
protocols or implementation details.
> We hope that it will prompt discussion, evolve/improve with specific 
examples, and ultimately be included in the SWXG report. Feel free to forward 
it to other lists and generally share it with those who might be interested.
> Since it is being released without restrictions it can be incorporated in 
its entirety or in part into the future work of others who seek to advance the 
Social Web.
> To manage the initial feedback and improvements from the SWXG members, we 
request that people not edit directly into the wiki page but, instead, post 
their comments and suggestions to the group via the mailing list until we have 
a proper conference call (Harry will announce the details of that when 
arranged) and we decide how to move forward as a group.
> The Social Web Frameworks paper is located here:
> Enjoy!
> -- 
> Christine

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