Re: Update from Media Annotations WG

On 29 Apr 2010, at 01:34, Rigo Wenning wrote:

> What is the opinion of
> PLING? Should we accept there suggestion? If No, what should we suggest
> instead?

Rigo, I would recommend that they merge ma:copyright and ma:policy (as they overlap semantically) into ma:policy, with these attributes:


statement - a human-readable (text) description of the policy
identifier - a URI linking to a machine-readable description of the policy
issuer - an identifier of the issuer of the policy
type - the category of the policy (possible values: license, access, privacy)

*Any other types we should recommend?


ma:policy[0].statement = "Copyright W3C 2010"

ma:policy[1].identifier = ""
ma:policy[1].issuer = "P3P Book Inc"
ma:policy[1].type = "privacy"

ma:policy[2].identifier = ""
ma:policy[2].issuer = ""
ma:policy[2].type = "license"

Cheers...  Renato Iannella

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