Comments on Primelife requirements document

Hi All,
As discussed on the call, I am sending round my comments on the Primelife requirements doc:

1. In general, document is excellent - since it does not fall into the trap of mixing up requirements and solutions.
2. Need for modularisation - a policy language which satisfies all those requirements is going to be too complex to use.
3. For Social Networks, suggest including sub-case of accessing statistics on who has browsed my profile. E.g. x spends 1/2 an hr looking at pictures of y's girlfriend on her SN profile - does y or the girlfriend get this information?
4. For Social Networks, include policies based on reputation - e.g. you can see field x of my profile if you have a certain reputation.
5. For Social Networks, consider including a requirement for security features of destination e.g. encrypted transfer of profile data with scheme x.
6. Anonymous credentials use-case is actually about a solution - suggest deriving the requirements related to anonymous credentials from the other use-cases.
7. Not sure what the relevance of section on corporate security policies. Is it related to Trust Policies? If so, this should be clarified...



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Received on Wednesday, 11 February 2009 13:57:01 UTC