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Hi all,
I am sorry to never participate in the telephone conference but I may have a proposal for a case study:
For telecom providers in Europe some things could change in next years  if there is a functional separation between networks and services units. This is already done in UK and will perhaps happen soon in Poland.
This functional separation could help new telecom service competitors to develop and even lower the cost to create a new Telecom competitor. So it's a good thing from the point of view of the end user. 
For the service providers resulting from such splits, it will be out of questions to behave as MVNO as they must differentiate heavily from competitors. 
They will certainly help new local or specialized network operators to emerge from WIFI hot spot trough merging and ask to use large coporate intranets to have an alternative to use the unique Network provider. So the service provider may use a different network infrastructure on a day to day basis based on user behaviour and market prices. So for the service operator there is a need to have a very agile Information system that is also quite secure and privacy friendly for end users.
This is actually quite close to the "In the cloud" proposal, as the networks operators in my description are "the cloud" for the service operator and they must offer a service without being able to gather information about users, and the service must stay compliant to the user contract while being offered by a changing configuration of networks.
What do you think of this case?
Best regards,
Jean-Pierre Le Rouzic
Orange labs


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Today I am attending and presenting at the 2nd Open Group Security Practitioners Conference, London -
Presentations are going to be around The Cloud, Cloud Computing and Security & Identity in the Cloud along with discussions of the involved paradigm shifts, in terms of security, privacy and identity management.
I see that a paradigm shift is going also to happen in terms of defining policies and policy management, moving from a close/central model (enterprise-based) to a federated, distributed and boundariless model.
I think this topic should be of concern and relevance to W3C and in particular the W3C PLING audience.
Do you have any specific case study, requirements or issues to share - in this domain? 
Any aspect you'd like to discuss in one of the coming PLING conference meetings?


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