MIT CFP Workshop on Identity, Information and Context

At the last phone conference I promised to send the MIT CFP Workshop on
Identity, Information and Context to the list.

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Work is progressing well on the upcoming CFP Workshop on Identity,
Information and Context.  We now have a web page up for this upcoming
to take place at The Stata Center at MIT on October 21-22.  The page
includes an introduction to the workshop, a draft agenda, and a pointer
to the registration and lodging pages.  I am sending this to the members
of the working group and those invited guests who have agreed to
participate.  There are more in the works.

Please register so that we have the correct information for you.  In
addition, we will be having dinner at Legal Seafood on Tuesday evening
in conjunction with the parallel CFP workshop on Interconnections;
please let us know if you can join us for that on the registration
form.  For those of you in member companies, if there are other people
in your companies who would like to participate, please contact me, so
that I know when someone registers that they are really interested in
the workshop.  We are not there yet, but the size of the room will limit
participation size.

In addition, let me remind you that the group rate at the hotel expires
on September 22, so plan ahead.

For any questions please contact me, my co-chair Dirk Trossen
(, or Sue Perez (

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