Policy Projects

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TrustCoM has developed a framework for trust, security and contract  
management in dynamically evolving virtual organisations that will  
meet the needs of this situation and provide the basis of products and  

Web site: <http://www.eu-trustcom.com/>

CONTRACT is a research project funded by the European Commission in  
the context of the 6th Framework Program. The aim of the project is  
develop frameworks, components and tools which make it possible to  
model, build, verify and monitor distributed electronic business  
systems on the basis of dynamically generated, cross-organisational  
contracts which underpin formal descriptions of the expected  
behaviours of individual services and the system as a whole.

Website: <http://www.ist-contract.org/>

The aim of the COSoDIS project - Contract-Oriented Software  
Development for Internet Services is to develop novel approaches to  
implement and reason about contracts in a service oriented  
architecture. The fundamental insight is that system developers lack  
appropriate abstraction mechanisms to work with these architectures.  
Therefore the goal is to design and give proof of usefulness of system  
modeling and programming language tools to empower SOA developers to  
deploy highly dynamic, negotiable and monitorable Internet services.

Website: <http://www.ifi.uio.no/cosodis/>

Consequence is a collaborative research project partly funded by the  
European Commission. It started in January 2008 and will run for three  
years. The Consequence project will deliver a data-centric information  
protection framework based on data-sharing agreements.

Website: <http://www.consequence-project.eu/>

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