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Let me introduce myself too. I co-chair this IG with Renato. I am a senior researcher at HP Labs, Bristol, UK (web page:

My  current R&D interests are in the areas of security, trust, privacy, identity management and risk management. Policies and Policy Management are a very important aspect spanning across all these areas.

In the last few years I have been working in various industrial projects and R&D activities requiring the development of solutions and technologies in the space of telecommunications, enterprises and web. In this context I matured additional expertise in (and been exposed to)   policies and policy management.

The definition, refinement, management and enforcement of policies is a major problem, given the complexity of ICT environments, business needs & requirements and an increased pressure for compliance to laws and legislation (I recently gave a presentation trying to highlight some of current issues:

This is an opportunity for individuals, industries, research centers, standardisation organisations and universities to give their contributions.

My expectation is to engage in discussions, share experiences and make progress in this space.




Marco Casassa Mont
Senior Researcher
Hewlett-Packard Labs

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 'All points of view are my own and not necessarily HP's as well'
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