Clarification sought regarding aria-setsize and aria-posinset

Hi all.

Looking at the definitions of aria-setsize [1] and aria-posinset [2], it
seems to me that the correct mapping w.r.t. ATK is not yet more object
attributes. Instead, it would be to set the AtkRelation pair
in the ATK docs [3]. That mapping would bring ARIA widgets into
alignment with native/platform toolkit widgets of the same type.

Before proposing that mapping change, however, I have a question about
the spec and the example therein:

The following example shows items 5 through 8 in a set of 16.

<h2 id="label_fruit"> Available Fruit </h2>
<ul role="listbox" aria-labelledby="label_fruit">
  <li role="option" aria-setsize="16" aria-posinset="5"> apples </li>
  <li role="option" aria-setsize="16" aria-posinset="6"> bananas </li>
  <li role="option" aria-setsize="16" aria-posinset="7"> cantaloupes </li>
  <li role="option" aria-setsize="16" aria-posinset="8"> dates </li>

This example seems to suggest that web developers might not have to
provide all child nodes. If that is indeed the case, then this mapping
change might not work out after all. So.... Is there a use case where
web developers know the set size and a subset of the children and the
position of those children, but fail to know all of the children and
their positions?

--joanie, who wants to not have to know/care if something is ARIA or not


Received on Monday, 10 March 2014 12:31:18 UTC