48-Hour Call for Consensus (CfC); UAIG Comment Responses


This is a Call for Consensus (CfC) on the draft responses to the 19
comments we have received on our ARIA 1.0 User Agent Implementation
Guide (UAIG).

All comments received together with our proposed dispositions can be
reviewed in our Comment Tracker at:


Please review these comments with their proposed dispositions and reply
on list to this email with any objections or concerns. 

Silence will be taken to mean there is no objection, but positive
responses are encouraged.

If there are no objections by 23:59 (Midnight)  Boston Time Wednesday 6
December, this resolution will carry.

Special Note: Because the maintainers of ATK/AT-SPI have informed us,
via their comments on UAIG, of their intent to re-engineer aspects of
ATK and of AT-SPI, we are also proposing to add a note to the UAIG

"Roles given in this document for ATK and for AT-SPI were current and
implemented at the time of publication. However, the maintainers of ATK
and of AT-SPI have informed W3C that they are re-engineering several of
the roles listed in this specification. Developers are, therefore,
strongly urged to consult the most current ARIA specification draft for
current, preferred



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