Re: Adding ARIA properties to form elements with class names

Steve Faulkner wrote:
> On 25 April 2014 14:18, Joshue O Connor<>  wrote:
>> Can ARIA properties be added to input controls using class names, rather
>> than using IDs?
> hi Josh assuming you mean can the class name be used as a ref, for example:
> <span class="classa">label</span>
> <a aria-labelledby="classa">text</a>
> answer is no, only references to valid id values

Right. I mention it, because when auditing I come across INPUT elements 
that have existing class names often. I think if some ARIA functionality 
could piggy back on what is there already, rather than getting authors 
to add unique ID values for each element that they want pimp 
semantically, then its win win.


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> SteveF
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