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Regarding role=header in WAI-ARIA Best Practices Bryan Garaventa (Wednesday, 21 August)

Drop the requirement that host languages must allow a token list as the value of the role attribute Michael[tm] Smith (Tuesday, 20 August)

The Modal Design Pattern is lacking instructions for hiding background content from screen reader users. Bryan Garaventa (Tuesday, 13 August)

Please clearly specify what role=option must be contained in or owned by Michael[tm] Smith (Tuesday, 13 August)

The Design Patterns that include role=dialog, role=alertdialog, and role=application cause critical accessibility issues for screen reader users. Bryan Garaventa (Tuesday, 13 August)

The Accordion Design Pattern has issues that negatively effect accessibility for screen reader and keyboard only users. Bryan Garaventa (Monday, 12 August)

Fw: [WebAIM] building accessible javascript accordions? Bryan Garaventa (Tuesday, 6 August)

[CSSWG][css-counter-styles] LCWD of CSS Counter Styles Tab Atkins Jr. (Thursday, 25 July)

About aria-expanded example on Wiki page Sailesh Panchang (Monday, 8 July)

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