Re: Comment on WAI-ARIA Role: "Widget" is Overloaded Term


Mashups call these widgets as well. UI Controls are not broad enough.
Widget to me is short and concise.


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Hi, PF WG-

I think that you should reconsider using the term "widget" in the ARIA
specification.  It's always been a rather ambiguous and overloaded term
[1], and the primary usage seems now to have shifted from "UI control"
to "simple Web application" (cf. the WebApps WG's Widgets spec, and
various widget frameworks by various Web companies).

I think that going forward, this will be a point of confusion for
people, where the use of a different term may disambiguate what your
particular usage is.  May I suggest using a term similar to "UI
control", "interface control", "UI element", or "interface component"


-Doug Schepers
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