Role attribute values

Greetings, I have been reading the XHTML Vocabulary namespace [1] document 
and have a few comments. I have not completed the review since it would 
result in a lot of comments that follow a particular pattern. Rather than 
waste your time, and mine, detailing every comment when you may not accept 
the premise underlying most of them, I have included the following for 
your consideration:

Consistent terminology:

  uses both "document" and "page", pick one, 
  I suggest "Web Page" as defined by

Consistent use of RDFa:

  two different examples, "search" and "alert", why are they different?
  <div id="search" about="#search" typeof="rdf:Property">
    <p property="rdfs:comment" datatype="xsd:string"><span 
property="rdfs:label">search</span> indicates that the section provides a 
search facility.</p>

  <div id="alert" about="#alert" datatype="xsd:string" 
    <p property="rdfs:comment" datatype="xsd:string">A message with an 
alert or error information.</p>
  I do not know if there is any significant difference between the two 
examples, I do know that they show up differently in Operator.

secondary indicates that the section supports but is separable from the 
main content of resource.

change "secondary" to "complementary"
Two comments. 
  1) please define "alert". "My interpretation" is that this results in a 
some "modal" display that prevents the user from continuing until that 
have responded to the "alert". But this may not be what is intended, how 
would I know what is intended?
  2) I agree with a comment made by Mark Birbeck [2], I think it would be 
better to remove "alertdialog" and use the "dialog" and "alert" terms and 
specify role="alert dialog". Is some distinction between 
role="alertdialog" and role="alert dialog"? If so it is not described.
A broad term, it is not clear to me from the description when I should use 
This is the only term that caters for an affordance that enables 
user-triggered actions. "button" carries a certain amount of baggage in 
terms of preconceptions. There are many ways of enabling user action 
without the use of a "button" uless your definition is such that it covers 
all activation mechanisms. Since I am unsure as to your intent it is hard 
to suggest an alternative but perhaps "activator" might be close.
Baggage again here, if this intended to refer to the common UI widget then 
I would have expected only two possible states, i.e. a boolean. Whether 
the states represent true|false, on|off, 0|1, dead|alive is determined by 
the "Web Page"|"Application" creator. Once again, I think it would be more 
appropriate to name this property "boolean" or 2wayChoice.
Baggage again here. What is the important essence? The user is offered the 
opportunity to choose one item from a set of alternatives. You also 
suggest "where users can type to locate a selected item". A "combobox" is 
not the only widget that offers these capabilities, especially in the RIA 


Regards, Roland
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