Elements with tabindex

In xhtml11-aaa-base.dtd the "tabindex" attribute is only bolted on text 
containers like "div", "span", "p", "th", "td", and "li". I don't think 
this will be sufficient. In common AJAX applications at least h1-h6 also 
can get focus, see flickr or netvibes for examples. Basically anything 
that's editable, and that's a lot in Web 2.0 applications.

Therefore I'd suggest to add "tabindex" to all headline elements, 
"address", "dt", "dd", "legend", and "label", perhaps also to all 
(other) elements that come with an "accesskey" attribute. I know 
"accesskey" is problematic, but I don't aim for the attribute, but for 
the reason it was added to certain elements. Though I suppose adding 
"tabindex" to %Common.extra.attrib would be too much.

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Received on Sunday, 17 December 2006 15:16:30 UTC