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                             – DRAFT –
               Personalization Task Force Teleconference

28 February 2022

   [2]IRC log.



          CharlesL, janina, Matthew_Atkinson, mike_beganyi, Roy





    1. [3]Content Module Implementations Status (Follow-up on i18n
       issue #144)
    2. [4]“Branding” personalization work (also see https://
    3. [5]TPAC 2022
    4. [6]Planning COGA meetings on our other 2 modules
    5. [7]W3C Legal Entity

Meeting minutes

  Content Module Implementations Status (Follow-up on i18n issue #144)

   Matthew_Atkinson: Situation is as was and as documented on
   list. We could more actively seek input from others, or go with
   what we have? I think a rough check may be nice, but leave to
   the chairs.

   janina: We're trying to clear #144; see no reason to delay on
   that. If there are implementation problems we can deal with
   them in the CR period.

   janina: Other issues that _could_ be problems, perhaps none of
   us have expertise. If we want to get people to look at "it"
   what exactly is "it"? Are we going to give the i18n chairs the
   extension, or send them a series of screengrabs?

   Matthew_Atkinson: We could provide the i18n chairs (only) the
   extension and instructions I made for setting it up, or we
   could start with some images on the thread for #144 publicly.

   janina: Suggest starting with putting the images on the thread.

   sharon: Sounds like we just need an answer to that question, of

   janina: Suggest we give them the image in the thread, and offer
   the extension if they want it [at which point we mention it can
   only be shared with the chairs].

   sharon: +1

   Matthew_Atkinson: ACK; will do.

  “Branding” personalization work (also see [8]



   janina: The idea for including EO stemmed from a WAI
   coordination call, when naming of the work was discussed and as
   EO has successful history (e.g. ARIA) in coming up with good
   naming, they were involved.

   janina: I met with them on a call, and then Matthew_Atkinson
   and I met with them on their following Friday call, and had
   good discussion. We want to resolve this before CR. They're
   eager to help us and have made several suggestions.

   janina: EO liked "Personalizable" because it's done by the UA
   on the fly, not hardcoded by the mark-up. The letters PA
   followed by D or L came up (as documented above).

   janina: There was a big focus on content also, though that
   doesn't seem to be as useful.

   sharon: So we have to have a couple more meetings to get this
   nailed down; expecting some EO attendance in our next meeting.

   janina: Does anyone else agree that having "content" left of
   the colon isn't appropriate?

   janina: Last we talked about it, we had "Personalized
   Adaptations: <module name> Module" and we're looking for what
   to have to the left of the colon. Including "content" there
   does not seem helpful.

   janina: e.g. How would it work for tools?

   sharon: +1

   janina: "content" is too generic as it's everything we do on
   the web.

   +1 (I mentioned that on the EO call I think too)

   sharon: "Personalizable" is good because it's adaptable, but
   you need to initiate it.

   janina: +1

   sharon: We should track this and add any names if we prefer

   sharon: What time is the meeting?

   janina: 8:30am EST

   Matthew_Atkinson: Please put your thoughts in the GitHub
   thread. [9]



   janina: Wonder if in future there will be some combination of
   specs that develop extra attributes across many small modules,
   to provide a route to the authoring community to more easily
   build things like this in. That's the branding that I'm most
   interested in, when we get there.

  TPAC 2022

   janina: We're asking all the groups to have a think about
   upcoming TPAC; we need to gauge how many APA members are
   interested in attending in person. Looking for a sense on this,
   for capacity planning.

   janina: 12 - 16 September

   janina: We also need to ask: who do we want to meet with?

   janina: We need your thoughts on this fairly soon, so we can
   feed back to management next month. (Deadline is the end of
   March, but we want to get information in as soon as we can.)

   CharlesL: I want to go, but need to wait and see what travel
   policies allow. This may change in future of course.

   janina: W3C ACKs that the situation could change in future, so
   this is understood.

   Matthew_Atkinson: I am keen to attend IRL too.

   Matthew_Atkinson: Matthew_Atkinson: Which groups to we want to
   talk with? Suggest continuing to do a public breakout session,
   and in the W3C-specific part, talking with groups who raised
   concerns last time.

   janina: There were some privacy/security concerns, for example.

  Planning COGA meetings on our other 2 modules

   sharon: This is something we need to wait on until we've
   resolved the naming matter.

  W3C Legal Entity

   janina: Watch out for an email on this soon. Work has been
   going on on this. W3C has been several separate organizations.
   The plan is to give W3C a legal basis to preserve our work,
   values and IP and set things up for the next generation going
   forward. The advisory board (AB) and management want to start
   talking to us about this. The first public meeting will be the
   APA call next week (9 - 10am EST).

   janina: This will be about the new structure, from an
   accessibility perspective.

   CharlesL: There are three meetings this Wednesday about this

   janina: Yes, they are for AC members.

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    Please review the agenda for Monday's Personalization TF call and let us know if there are any other topics that need to be added:
    Chair: Sharon

    * agenda+ Content Module Implementations Status (Follow-up on i18n issue #144)
    * agenda+ “Branding” personalization work (also see
    * TPAC 2022:
         * Which other groups does Personalization need to talk with at TPAC (either to give something to, or ask something from)?
         * How many of the TF participants expect to be there IRL?
    * agenda+ Planning COGA meetings on our other 2 modules

    The  teleconference information is at: call info - personalization <>

    ·  10 am Eastern time
    ·  5 pm IS
    ·  3 pm UK time

    IRC access

    An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel will be available during the call at: <>

    The server is <> 
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    You can write any name as a nickname

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