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                             – DRAFT –
               Personalization Task Force Teleconference

25 April 2022

   [2]IRC log.



          Lionel_Wolberger, Matthew_Atkinson, mike_beganyi, sharon





    1. [3]Naming - Next steps and WAI-Adapt Overview (draft)
       /personalization/ Lionel_Wolberger]
    2. [4]Content Module Implementations Status
    3. [5]Implications of issue 203 for the data-symbol attribute

    4. [6]Issue 202 regarding Visible Indicators on 2.2 - https://
    5. [7]Naming - Next steps and WAI-Adapt Overview (draft)
       /personalization/ Lionel_Wolberger]
    6. [8]Planning future COGA meetings on Our Other Two Modules

Meeting minutes

  Naming - Next steps and WAI-Adapt Overview (draft) [9]https://
  personalization/ Lionel_Wolberger]


   <Roy> [10]


   sharon: Shawn has created the above preview of updated WAI
   site. We need to review it.

   sharon: Shawn has also included suggestions for the "tag line"
   / summary of the work.

   Lionel_Wolberger: We need to decide on a subtitle (of the
   several on the preview page)—maybe do that on list.

   Lionel_Wolberger: Then we have to rename the specs.

   sharon: We'll need to check the content of the documents too,
   for additional places where the names are given.

   Lionel_Wolberger: Need to address these so we can talk with

   sharon: There are also other documents such as the explainer.

   Roy: to change the name, we will need to publish an updated
   working draft (WD), which means we'll need to first create an
   updated Editor's Draft and then run a CfC in our TF to decide
   to publish an updated WD.

   Roy: First step: update all the naming in our GitHub repo, used
   for the Editor's Draft. Then run the CfC.

   Roy: Then I'll handle the publication.

   Lionel_Wolberger: We need to get updated slugs [URI parts] for
   each document too.

   sharon: Think we can do one CfC to cover all the documents
   being updated to WDs?

   Roy: We also have a short name for each document in GitHub. Do
   we want to change the short names?

   <Roy> [11]




   content/respec-config.js#L18 (specific line Roy mentioned)


   Roy: The shortname is directly related to the URL of the

   <Lionel_Wolberger> The name of the task force, personalization,
   which is reflected in the git repository name, will not change
   until we are rechartered

   Matthew_Atkinson: [noted above re repo name]

   Roy: yes, the repo name is tied to the TF name.

   sharon: How will redirects work?

   Roy: We can create a redirect if we want to change our

   sharon: That'd be helpful

   Lionel_Wolberger: +1

   Roy: Will check on the process to be sure, but think it will be

   Lionel_Wolberger: We probably want to process one of the
   documents first, then do the rest if we think it came out OK.
   (Regarding URL change.)

   Roy: First we need to decide if we want to change the URL for
   each document.

   Roy: if we do, I'll check the process and change the shortName.

   Lionel_Wolberger: for clarity and consistency I'd advocate for
   us changing the slug names [scribe note: shortNames]

   Roy: I'm fine with this, but we will need group consensus.

   sharon: +1

   Lionel_Wolberger: Who should edit the names?

   Roy: I can take all of those actions if we have consensus next

   Matthew_Atkinson: As Roy mentioned, we'll check which of these
   decisions need a CfC on the APA planning call tomorrow.

   akc me

   Roy: Note, holiday next week.

   Roy: the APA decision policy: [13]



   sharon: We'll need to wait until after Roy's holiday in order
   to ensure we have consensus anyway.

   Lionel_Wolberger: The shortName also shows up as the spec's
   reference name in the References section, not just the URL

   Lionel_Wolberger: We'll add to the agenda for next time a
   decision on subtitle/tag line.

  Content Module Implementations Status

   sharon: No updates from IBM. Suggest Lionel_Wolberger pings
   Phill Jenkins.

   sharon: We were trying to ascertain whether the team there
   understood the ask as being markup, or rendering.

   Lionel_Wolberger: We are making enquiries as to other possibile
   implementors at VMWare, Amazon and Oracle.

   Lionel_Wolberger: We're talking with Access Board, and making
   enquiries with Chrome.

   sharon: We have a wiki page for implementations; can add new
   ones there.

   <sharon> [14]



   Matthew_Atkinson: Making it clear so far that all the above are
   _potential_ implementors, and we're making enquiries.

  Implications of issue 203 for the data-symbol attribute - [15]https://


   Matthew_Atkinson: We're wanting to ask Lisa about #144 (as
   Janina noted) and this one too?

   Roy: I transfered #203 from APA, which was opened by James
   Craig, who's active in ARIA. I don't think this issue will
   block CR, we should be able to communicate the explanation for
   this one easily.

   sharon: This was the one where we were talking about 1:1
   symbols etc.

   sharon: Related is #204 (next item)

   Matthew_Atkinson: [redundantly mentions #204] - do we want to
   make a comment to link the two issues? Not sure.

   Matthew_Atkinson: We'd like to ask Lisa for some input. We'll
   discuss this (and #144) on the APA plan call tomorrow again.

   Lionel_Wolberger: We should combine some agenda items next

   sharon: +1; the next few are related.

   <Lionel_Wolberger> Discuss (a) multiple symbol values in a
   single markup, in addition to (b) multiple symbol value in a
   single rendering (e.g., multiple symbols constituting a single
   aggregated symbol

  Issue 202 regarding Visible Indicators on 2.2 - [16]https://


   Matthew_Atkinson: this comes after CR in the list of

  Naming - Next steps and WAI-Adapt Overview (draft) [17]https://
  personalization/ Lionel_Wolberger]


   Matthew_Atkinson: Notes that we need to decide on the shortName
   issue (and ideally update the name in the documents) before CR.

   Matthew_Atkinson: Again, we're looking into whether a CfC is
   needed for this; will get back to you tomorrow.

   Roy: Need TF consensus and WG approval for some of the updates.

   Lionel_Wolberger: Can you make the content (not shortName)
   edits in prepration?

   Roy: Can make a PR on a separate branch, and propose that for

  Planning future COGA meetings on Our Other Two Modules

   Lionel_Wolberger: Blocked by the new naming.

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   Maybe present: Roy

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    Hi all,

    Please review the agenda for Monday's Personalization TF call and let us know if there are any other topics that need to be added. Also advise if you are unable to attend:

    Chair: Lionel. Agenda:

    * agenda+ Naming - Next steps and WAI-Adapt Overview (draft)

    * agenda+ Content Module Implementations Status
    * agenda+ Implications of issue 203 for the data-symbol attribute -

    * agenda+ Discuss (a) multiple symbol values in a single markup, in addition to (b) multiple symbols constituting a single aggregated symbol 
    * agenda+ data-symbols 
    * agenda+ Follow-up on i18n issue #144

    * agenda+ Issue 202 regarding Visible Indicators on 2.2 -

    * agenda+ Planning future COGA meetings on Our Other Two Modules

    The  teleconference information is at: call info - personalization <>

    · 10 am Eastern time
    ·  5 pm IS
    ·  3 pm UK time

    IRC access

    An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel will be available during the call at: <>

    The server is <> 
    The port number is 6665
    The channel is #personalization 

    You can write any name as a nickname

    Resources and useful links
    ·  Wiki <>; - this page has links to all our work
    ·  mailing list archives <>
    ·  Personalization Semantics 1.0 <> (Personalization Semantics 1.0 Editors' Draft <>). See also the Personalization Semantics Task Force GitHub repository <>.
    ·  our home page
    ·  Web-Based Surveys (WBS) <>;
    ·  personalization-semantics source repository issue tracker <>. 
    ·  Scribing and Participation Tips: 
    ·  Demo: and <>

    Thank you, 

     Lionel Wolberger
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