The APA Personalization Task Force Teleconference - Monday 24th June 2019

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Information for Monday's call


Agenda+ Continuing going though the list of values for the first attributes, are there more changes needed? (Here is a link to the updated sortable table

agenda+ (If time) symbol, - talking around the pluses and minuses of using bliss, the bliss references number, or mapping to a term

Let me know if there are other items that you would like on the agenda

The  teleconference information is at :


10 am Eastern time

5 pm IS

3 pm UK time

IRC access 

An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel will be available during the call. (The server is ,The port number is 6665 ) 

IRC made simple: 

IRC is like our chat room. You can join us on IRC simply by clicking on

The channel is #personalization 

You can write any name as a nickname

Now you can chat while we talk.

Resources and useful links

our home page

Teleconferences of the Working Group and its task forces (also see; Face to face meetings (also see face to face;

IRCC discussion on the #personalization IRC channel, used largely for minute-taking; ( See also the;;



* Some helpful Scribing and Participation Tips 

- For more on W3C use of IRC see: 

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Lisa Seeman,

All the best

Lisa Seeman,

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