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My name is Alina and I work for PACKED <> - non-profit
expertise center for digital heritage in Flanders (Belgium).

I am contacting you because we are currently working on a project on
persistent URI's for heritage objects from small/medium cultural heritage
institutions. In this project we created the cultURIze
<> tool that is responsible for
the resolving. The code and the wiki is still work-in-progress. Currently
we are trying to set up a governance model for this open source tool and
are hoping to engage heritage institutions to share the financial and
administrative tasks.

The model of W3id has a lot of influence on our project. I have a couple of
questions about your governance model that I didn't find the answers to at
your website. I was hoping you could find some time to give me more
information in these topics:
- How do you generate the financial means to manage the service? Do the six
organizations each make a yearly contribution? In money or in time and are
the shares the same?
- How do you keep and give the overview of the spending of financial means
to the partners? Is there an organization that was created specifically to
overlook these things?
- How much say do each of the partners have in the decision making about
the service?
- How would you formulate the return of investment for the engaged parties?
Why do the six organizations find it is important to participate in keeping
this service alive for themselves and everyone else and invest their own
time and money in it?

Thank you very much in advance for your answers.

Best regards,

<>[image: VIAA] <>
     Alina Saenko
     Inhoudelijk medewerker (afwezig op vrijdag)

(sinds 1 januari 2019 onderdeel van VIAA vzw)
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