w3id.org help needed

Other people need to help out with w3id.org.

I've been handling mostly all of the w3id.org pull requests and other
minor issues recently.  I'd like to put less time into this which
means others will need to help.  It's not that much total time but it
needs to be more than me doing it.  I don't have admin access to know
who else has github access, so whoever you are, please step up.  If
anyone else is interested, ask and I'm sure access can be arranged.

There are a limited number of us with direct server access.  While
we're using the current apache system, that probably isn't a big
issue.  This is mostly about github requests.

Here are the day to day tasks:
- Handle requests in a timely manner if possible (email and PRs).
- Sanity check requests.  Correct .htaccess rewrite rules can be challenging.
- Help people write better rules if needed.
- Ask for people with lots of work-in-progress commits in a PR to
squash them into one commit.
- Use your judgement that requests are useful (seem legit, not spam,
not useless land grabs, etc).
- Hit the merge button when everything is good.
- Fix things that are broken.
- Ask for others to help if you need it.

A larger short term task is dealing with the rawgit and travis issue:

And of course if anyone gets inspired, the project could always use
better tooling and docs that might make all of the above less of an



Received on Friday, 20 May 2016 16:04:22 UTC