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On 1 Mar 2016, at 10:39, Ian Dunlop wrote:

> I applaud all these efforts to transition towards w3id. Do we have any 
> idea
> how often PIDs are (were) requested from purl? If it is often then 
> maybe
> going forward a simple web interface to allow people to add a simple
> redirect from this to this rule. Even getting people to fork github
> projects and add a line to a csv is quite often too much.

Can I just check what the goal is, here?

Is it:

   (a) Create a redirect for each/most redirect and 
abandon the ones in whole or in part?

   (b) Support as a domain -- ie, support all/most existing redirects -- even if it's implemented by a 
similar mechanism to

   (c) Work towards a mechanism for creating new redirects by 
whatever means?

I hope it's not (a) -- I feel it would look un-reassuring to abandon 
well-established persistent identifiers.

Option (b) would surely be a minimum.

I think there's a strong case for aspiring to (c).  The 'brand' 
is a fairly well-known one, even if it's had its technical troubles in 
the last few years, and being able to support it to the extent of 
creating new redirects would be an impressive display of 
community commitment to the idea of persistent URIs.

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