Using W3id for more than just persistent/permanent identifiers?

Hi All,

I know that w3id was really established to provide a persistent identifier
mechanism for RDF resource and vocabulary IRIs. However, the fact that it
is already configured for content negotiation provides a real opportunity
for communities that don't have the resources (both severs & expertise).
Technical expertise such as contentneg and having a collaborative workflow
are often seen as a barriers to getting started with linked data.

Are there any objections to also using the w3id server to host linked data
files such as html/rdfa, turtle, json-ld? I know that is not what it is
intended for, but thought I would ask. It could help automate my particular
workflow where I'm working with several different organizations that are
wanting to publish their linked data collaboratively and while also having
a tool to generate the persistent identifiers.


J Haag

Received on Thursday, 12 November 2015 20:17:56 UTC