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David and Jason, hello.

On 11 Nov 2015, at 1:41, David Wood wrote:

> I actually agree with Jason - but think we need an optional UI for 
> non-technical users on top of the GitHub interface.

Not just for non-technical users, perhaps.

The solution of letting everyone customise a pile of .htaccess 
files is a very smart one, because it let get up quickly, but I 
hope it's just seen as an interim solution.

At present, I can apparently use _anything_ from mod_rewrite in there, 
which gives me a great deal of scope for being Clever, which would be a 
vice.  It would also tie to Apache, or at least to a 
mod_rewrite work-a-like for all eternity, so may not be an optimal 
archival solution.

A pile of .htaccess files is a fine implementation technology, but not, 
I think, an interface.

As an alternative, one could imagine something as simple as a CSV file:


Put angle brackets round that and call it XML, or curly brackets and 
call it JSON, and you're up-to-the-minute.  And technology-agnostic.

Something like that could be prepared (on- or off-line), uploaded, 
validated, and journaled, quite easily perhaps.

One could also take a great deal of useful inspiration from DNS zone 

Also, as a more general point, I consider myself a technical user, but 
I... am not a fan of git.  Not a fan.  A not-fan.  Not, by any means or 
in any sense, an Enthusiast.

All the best,


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SUPA School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow, UK

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