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LGTM. One optional note.

> +## Overview of Click-to-Pay Flow
+* During an enrollment phase, the user registers a card with an SRC System; thus the SRC System has a relationship and uses cookies to recognize returning users.
+* At transaction time, the user pushes the Click-to-Pay button on a merchant site. This is typically provided by another party, the SRC Initiator (SRC-I), in a 3p context.
+* The SRC-I interacts with each SRC system (by dispatching SRC system cookies to their servers) to establish whether this is a returning user, and if so, to retrieve registered cards.
+* The SRC-I aggregates the responses into a candidate card list (i.e., cards registered in SRC systems under that user identity).
+* The SRC-I displays the list of cards to the user for selection.
+* (The rest of the flow happens, but it is not essential to understanding the problem statement.)
+## Expected Impact
+The desired user experience is that the user pushes the Click-to-Pay button and is presented with a list of registered cards.
+This experience today relies on user recognition by SRC systems 
+in a third-party context. If third-party cookies are unavailable, an
+SRC system will not be able to recognize the user across different

Unless the merchant is collaborating and storing a 1p cookie after a successful use of click to pay, the 'across different merchant sites' bit **doesn't matter**. What matters is the SRC systems themselves, which are always 3p - even if the merchant and SRC-I is the same every time.

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