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+# EMV® Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) User Recognition
+<sup>[Home][home] > [Use Cases][use-cases] > SRC User Recognition</sup>
+See more [information about EMV&reg;SRC](, including the "Click-to-Pay" consumer facing UX.
+## Overview of Click-to-Pay Flow
+* The user pushes the Click-to-Pay button.
+* The SRC Initiator (SRC-I) determines (via a cookie, typically) whether this is a returning user, and if so finds the user's SRC identity (e.g., email address).

Confirmed! @stephenmcgruer is right.

The SRCI does not have any particular knowledge of the consumer that allows to recognize the consumer. You could think about SRCI as you'd typically think about PSP which is _invisible_ to the consumer.

The SRC has a relationship with the Consumer and should be able to recognize the returning consumer. However, the SRCI orchestrates the recognition by calling `isRecognized()` on each SRC System.

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