Re: [Minutes] 13 January WPWG meeting on Criteo review


Thanks to all who participated in today’s call.

As discussed, we think that there is some open-ended language [1] in the Payment Request API proposal that could be used by an implementer to justify preferencing one or several payment solutions, for its own interests, and we think this should be addressed.

To address this concern, we’ve proposed to add references to competition laws and/or the W3C Antitrust and Competition Guidance [2]. During the call, we suggested an alternate approach which would be to bound the open-ended language by further limiting it only to the “protection of user security or privacy”.

We are open to both possibilities or any other suggestion that could address this concern.

We wanted to also clarify for those not on the call some of the misunderstandings of the points we raised:
We do not mean for implementers of the spec to become experts in regional laws, nor for the W3C to police whether the content of the spec or the implementers violate these laws. Instead, our concern is focused on ensuring the spec itself abides by existing W3C policies.

We’ll be raising this concern in the Jan 14 Call for Consensus, but we hope that a common agreement can be found in advance. If not, we hope today’s conversation or a summary of the three clarifications above can be sent to help in the broader W3C review process.


[1] In paragraphs 3.3.6, 3.3.12, and 3.3.18 in

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Dear Web Payments Working Group,

Here are the minutes from today’s call about the Criteo Formal Objection:;;sdata=8d8AENEMJ5ZzI1lVgoqUcNqK4kvc%2BlE756BFqkQCMf8%3D&amp;reserved=0

Thank you to our Criteo colleagues and to everyone who participated.

Please review the discussion before responding to the call for consensus [1] to advance
Payment Request and Payment Method Identifiers to Recommendation; that CfC is open
to 17h00 UTC on 14 January.

Thank you,

for the co-Chairs,

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