RE: Upcoming privacy changes in the browser, and the impact on payments experiences

Hi Ian,

"more secure" could be confusing as well...
Does it means that if they refuse, the payment will be less secure?


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Hi Nick,

One comment I have heard is that the UX for this feature may not be well-understood by users. For example, the following sort of message might create confusion during a checkout:

 “Do you want to allow “” to use cookies and website data while browsing This will allow
  to track your activity.”

As you know I am no UX expert. <pause for dramatic effect>. Something like this might make this feature easier to use in a payments context:

 “Do you want to remember you on to make future payments on this site easier and more secure?”


> On Jan 11, 2022, at 7:41 AM, Nick Shearer <> wrote:
> I think it would be productive to enumerate what is not addressable by the Storage Access API ( Storage Access is intended to address existing user cases that rely on third party storage whilst preserving user consent and understanding.
>> On 10 Jan 2022, at 16:01, Nick Telford-Reed (w3c) <> wrote:
>> Happy New Year, everyone!
>> At our last meeting before Christmas [1], we talked a little about some changes that are happening in Chrome, concerning third party (3P) cookies. It's my understanding that these changes have already been made in Safari and Firefox (am always happy to be corrected).
>> Given the impact that the web advertising industry continues to see to many use cases with changes to 3P cookies, it seems likely that there will be payments use cases that are adversely affected - it seems likely to me that, for example, some authentication experiences may increase in friction, or that "open banking" style payments may gain an additional "which provider to use" step. 
>> There is some introductory material [2] that we could collectively add to on our github repo - in particular, analysis of use cases that might break.  
>> I think it would be worth everyone in the group having a quick look and review of the issues in question - particularly for PSPs, acquirers, gateway providers and merchants. I think there is value in being able to consider the implications as a working group as it might make orchestrating any mediations or alerting the industry to impacts a little easier. 
>> We will be talking about this topic at our Thursday 20th January 2022 meeting [3]. 
>> Thanks
>> Nick (on behalf of the chairs)
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