OBJECTION: Call for Consensus to publish Payment Request API as a Proposed Recommendation - reply requested before 27 January

Dear WG Members,

Since I am not a W3C member you are free to (probably MUST...) dismiss this objection.

As far as I can tell, PaymentRequest has low adoption and its "companion specification" PaymentHandler [1] even less (in spite of being in the workings for several years).

Although PaymentRequest is used by Google for linking the Web to their Android-based payment application, Google represents a single party. Other potential parties' [2] expectations and requirements have not been researched.  The most obvious omission is enrollment of payment keys in native mode payment applications.  Due to that "deep links" have rather become the norm for bridging the [mobile] Web and native worlds, effectively making PaymentRequest redundant.

In retrospect, it is also clear that some of the core features do not work as once envisioned, including:
- Browser-based payment method selection.
- A common API.

Anders Rundgren,
Independent consultant and innovator in the payment and identity space

1] In addition to only supporting Web payments, Web security constraints make PaymentHandler an awkward solution compared to native mode payment applications.
2] The bulk of the payment industry do not have W3C representation.

Received on Tuesday, 19 January 2021 06:26:43 UTC