[w3c/webpayments] [Privacy] Initial documentation on privacy implications for web payments (PR #259)

This PR contains a set of README files covering some thoughts around the impact
of web privacy changes on payments. It is organized into three sections so far:

1. A problem statement
2. A set of known payment flows for which we are considering the impact
3. A set of known cases where third-party cookie deprecation will affect a
   payments-related use-case.

None of the work should be considered either complete or accurate; it is the
best understanding of the authors of this PR and should definitely be evolved
on over time!

Also-by: Nick Burris <nburris@chromium.org>
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-- Commit Summary --

  * [Privacy] Initial documentation on privacy implications for web payments

-- File Changes --

    A privacy/README.md (35)
    A privacy/payment-flows/README.md (17)
    A privacy/payment-flows/bank-based.md (59)
    A privacy/payment-flows/cards.md (35)
    A privacy/payment-flows/cryptocurrency.md (44)
    A privacy/payment-flows/digital-wallets.md (202)
    A privacy/payment-flows/financing.md (14)
    A privacy/payment-flows/misc.md (11)
    A privacy/payment-flows/psps.md (58)
    A privacy/problem.md (69)
    A privacy/use-cases/README.md (18)
    A privacy/use-cases/anti-fraud.md (19)
    A privacy/use-cases/payment-buttons.md (61)
    A privacy/use-cases/spc.md (58)

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