Re: ISO 20022 Re: SEPA Credit Transfer + W3C PaymentRequest

We never received any information on ISO 20022 or SWIFT's efforts addressing the client side of things.
It is the same as with EBA's R2P (Request To Pay) [1] which also is claimed to solve all issues.

A problem is that nobody really knows what "all" issues means which is not that surprising given that it is a moving target.
One solution is creating complex APIs with tons of (often redundant) information. Another solution is creating nimble, scenario-specific APIs like Saturn.
Anyway, whatever solution you settle for an API will surely at some point in time "run out of gas".

The monumental success of DNS shows that lookup is a way forward.  To make Saturn more agile with respect to requirement changes, I have applied this concept to high level business messaging:

Maybe ISO and SWIFT has something similar?



Received on Saturday, 21 September 2019 13:13:45 UTC