Initial plan for joint task force on payments use cases and authentication

Dear Web Payments WG,

During our joint meeting with the Web Authentication Working Group during TPAC [1]
there was support for creating a joint task force between the WPWG and the WebAuthn WG
to discuss payments use cases and ensure they can be addressed through FIDO2, and
in particular the next version of Web Authentication. Some topics of interest included:

 * Web Authentication from within iframes (TLD+1)
 * Delegation of authentication results to avoid user friction in Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) flow

After discussion with Tony Nadalin, here is our initial plan, which we will discuss at the WPWG’s  31 October call [2].

* Participants from both WGs are invited to participate in the joint task force. If a W3C Member is participating in
   either WG and wants to send an individual who is not directly participating in either group, that is still ok.

* The following people have already indicated their interest in participation:
   - Nick Telford-Reed
   - Jonathan Grossar
   - Tomasz Blachowitz, 
   - Gildas Le Louarn
   - Jeff Hodges
   - John Bradley
   - Ian Jacobs

   I invite others interested in joining the task force to let me know by email or at the WPWG’s 31 Oct call.

 * After the 31 Oct call I plan to subscribe people to a new list for this task force:

 * We will then send meeting schedule information and an inaugural agenda to that list.

 * To start, we expect to meet every other Wednesday from 7:30-8:00am PDT, starting 13 November.

Thank you,


Ian Jacobs <>
Tel: +1 718 260 9447

Received on Monday, 28 October 2019 17:05:21 UTC